Thursday Night Group
An informal group who meet fortnightly in the Session Room from September until March. The evening begins at 7.45pm (it's not surprising that most people arrive early for a chat), we have a cup of tea or coffee before the speaker begins. The topics are varied thanks to the many talented people who accept our invitation to come as our guest.

The new session is successfully underway and as always both existing and new members will be most welcome.

Despite the cold dreich weather, we had a glittering evening on 24 November when we were visited by Andrew Gallagher, jeweller from Stirling. We had been looking forward to his talk about diamonds and were absolutely thrilled to discover he had brought a sparkling array of both cut (but unset) diamonds and an array of jewellery including rings, bracelets and necklaces. As it was so close to Christmas, you can imagine what was on our Christmas wish lists!

Still on the theme of Christmas, we had a most enjoyable evening at the Royal Hotel on 8 December.

Unfortunately, due to snow and ice, we had to cancel our meeting on 12 January, but look forward to having the Barbershop Quartet at a later date.

Meetings to look forward to in February are as follows -

9 February - A trip to Buenos Aires and Argentina - Amy Thomson
23 February - A visit to the Engine Shed - Dorothy Hoskins.
As always, you are assured of a warm welcome in the Session Room at 7.45pm

Artical by Mary G Gairns