Churches for all Scotland


Reverend Dan Harper

As I write to introduce myself and share a little of my thoughts, I am faced with the familiar sight of my computer screen being covered in wavy red lines. Whilst these wavy red lines can be frustrating I find them most helpful, as someone who is really quite dyslexic, the ability to see some of the mistakes I’ve made and have suggestions as how to correct them is welcome.

Of course when it comes to admitting our mistakes to ourselves or worse still to
others, or even simply highlighting the areas where we or they need assistance, can be difficult. This is a particular challenge in a Church context, where sometimes the ways things have always been is very important and talk of change is viewed as possibly being heretical.

As the SCDG I believe we have a unique and exciting place within the
interdenominational church life within Scotland. We have an opportunity to be a
voice that advocates change, and supplies insight and understanding to help make that change. We have an opportunity to be a voice that can provide the wavy red lines for Churches, pointing out where mistake have been made and seeking to give suggestions as to what the best way of correcting the mistake has been.
As your new Chair I have a lot to learn and I am keen that we can each offer the
wisdom of our own experience and frustration as to how we can advocate for a
church that is more inclusive and outrageously loving.

Of course, we must all remember that evolution is a more stable and secure way
forward than revolution, but let me be clear, that we should not wait around for
something to happen. We are in the position to pool our resources and make the change together.

Some of you will be interested in knowing who I am. I am the Parish Minister at
Bridge of Allan Parish Church, and I have been for the last couple of years, where I live most happily with my wife and daughter. I am sure in time we will get to know each other better.

God’s blessing on you.



Our Committee welcomes new members:

Chairman: The Reverend Dan Harper
Secretary: Scott Gillies
Treasurer: William Walker
Webmaster: Ian Boe
Member: Paul Goode

Other Committee members continue to offer their services:
The Rev. Rosie Addis, Alex Baird, Ivy Blair, Marion Blake, Helena Cant [Events
Organiser], Lindsay Cant, Barbara Graham [Newsletter Editor], David Nicholson,
Shona Paterson [ACTS], Judith Roebuck [CARTA], Denis Shovlin [Vice-Chairman],
Tom Sutcliffe, Barbara Walker.

The larger Committee will concentrate on three main themes:

 Providing worship materials which everyone can use.
 Preparing a guide to the theology of disability in plain language.
 Looking for good practice on meeting special needs in all church denominations.

We depend on your input on all of these areas. What works for you? What can you share through the SCDG newsletter and website? 

Have you seen our new website - We welcome your
feedback so that we can improve it. Please encourage your friends to visit the website, which is being developed not only for people with disabilities, but for churches which want to be more inclusive.