From the Manse

A message from Rev. Dan Harper, May 2017

Dear Friends

On my desk there sits a to-do-list, everyday this list has
completed items crossed out and new items added. The list is full
of small discrete tasks and larger items that are made up of
multiple parts, and the list grows and shrinks but is never
complete. I am sure that all of us have lists like that, either in our
heads or written down somewhere.

The thought of the never ending to-do-list got me thinking. I like
the fact that I have a full and variable list, one that fluctuates and
engages with people at all points in life, but that is not where my
thoughts found their resting place. It is the very never-ending
nature of the list where my ruminating found insight.

I think, by its very nature, that trying to live in accordance with
the teachings of Jesus and guided by the Holy Spirit, means that
whatever our job or whatever our role within the Church we are
going to have a never completed to-do-list. That is because we
are called to respond to God in all things that we do, and seek to
live out our faith in all we do and there is no magic words or
special deed we can do to get our faith sorted, it is about an
ongoing and always developing relationship with God and our
response to that.

I find the never-ending nature of the list is a wonderful and
freeing thing and I find the ongoing and forever developing
relationship with God and exciting and liberating thing. The
knowledge that the end point is in God’s hands frees us to realise
that it is the journey that matters. If it is the journey that matters
then it is the everyday encounters and how we live day to day
that is the outworking of our Christian faith.

Simply put, it is often said that “the ends justify the means”,
however I think we should shift our focus and rather than worry
about “the ends” we should simply focus on “our means”.

God bless