Lynda's Thoughts

January / February 2017

In the past I have found myself wondering if it is appropriate to wish others a Happy New Year as I know that for many people,New Year can be a very painful and lonely time. A time of regret, a time of reflection of missed opportunities, a time of fear of the past as well as a fear for the future.

But each new year is a chance to try something different, an opportunity to experience life differently, an opening for hope. I hope that everyone reading this, irrespective of their circumstances knows that they are loved by God far more than words will ever be able to tell. 

Moving into 2018, I hope that we can channel some of that love to those who feel it is impossible to have a happy new year and I hope that through the grace of our heavenly father we can provide comfort, support and love to those who start the new year feeling disheartened, weary, wounded or lost.

I look forward in hope, hope for humanity, hope for peace, hope that we can make a difference, and hope that you all have a peaceful new year.

2018 is the Year of The Young People. This is a national campaign which the Church of Scotland is supporting. “YoYP 2018” is an opportunity to celebrate the success of the young people in Scotland and recognise their positive contribution to society. Bridge of Allan Parish Church is blessed to have so many
young people in the congregation and this coming year there will be more opportunities for our young people to engage in the life of the church - in Bridge of Allan, in Stirling Presbytery and nationally.
I will keep the “YoYP 2018” notice board in the Honeyman Hall updated with news and upcoming events. As always, should you wish any further information then please email me at