"Giving by Standing order allows us to reclaim tax under the Gift Aid scheme"

Giving to our church..

Isabel MacFarlane (acting Gift Aid Convenor)
We are all called to serve God by the best use of our time, talents and money. The most obvious example of giving money is the weekly offering towards the end of the Sunday service. If you don’t already do so, have you thought about regular giving by Standing Order instead of the open plate? 
Giving through Standing Order is much appreciated by the Treasurer because it makes it much easier to predict our monthly income.  Other sources of income such as FWO, open plate and hall lets can vary quite considerably from month to month. Consequently, the Standing Order income is relied upon to pay many of our monthly bills and we are grateful to those members of the congregation who have already set up Standing Orders. 

Giving by way of Standing Order allows you to remain in charge of how much you give. You can vary the amount as you wish.

If you have not already set up a Standing Order and wish to do so, forms are available in the vestibule of the church and from the office.

Giving by Standing Order also allows us to reclaim tax under the Gift Aid scheme. Gift Aid is good news for the Church:
  • It increases our giving by 25 per cent
  • No minimum contribution is required
  • No particular amount has to be promised
  • There is no fixed term during which contributions must be made
  • Tax made be recovered retrospectively.

It may seem as if the Church is always asking for more money but remember that our income comes primarily from members of the congregation and hall lets.  There are bills to pay and buildings to maintain and even those who already give by Standing Order should review their level of giving annually.