History & Architecture

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Bridge of Allan Parish Church is the union of two existing congregations in Bridge of Allan: Holy Trinity Church and Chalmers Church.

The building here in Keir Street was chosen to be the place of worship after the union in 2003. Previously known as Holy Trinity Church it was the product of an earlier union in 1942 of the present church then known as St Andrews Church with the congregation of a third church, Trinity Church (now demolished).

The Church was built in 1858 in the newly created Parish of Bridge of Allan. The building was extended in 1867 and again in 1877. It took the name “St Andrews” in 1930 and then “Holy Trinity” in 1948 when Trinity Church ceased to exist. The first church hall and church offices were designed by John Honeyman, (see below) an elder of the church and chairman of the trustees.

The current extension The Chalmers Hall was built in 2008 and named after Chalmers Church.

The church is unique in having furnishings designed in 1904 by Charles Rennie Mackintosh,the world renowned Scottish architect and designer who was a partner in the firm of Honeyman and Keppie. This consists of the pulpit, organ screen, communion table, choir stall and minister’s chair.

New pieces have been added in the 1990s and the Mackintosh design has remained the same and instantly recognisable in the new baptism font, chancel steps and four oak chairs.

The Organ

The original harmonium organ was replaced in 1884 by a Lewis organ and it was again replaced by a three manual Bamford organ in 1903 . The pipe organ showed serious deterioration by the end of the century and was impossible to play, and a new Johannus Makin electric organ was funded in 2008.


  1. Christening bowl
  2. Full View of the Organ, Alter and Christening Bowl
  3. Full view of front of church
  4. Close up of the carved detail on Alter steps
  5. Registrar table and chairs
  6. Balcony - detailed carving and moldings
  7. Lecturn
  8. View from Pulpit to rear of church taking beams and balcony
  9. Organ
  10. Close up of organ pipes
  11. Brass Plaque
  12. Pulpit